Infant Massage Services

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People can reap benefits from massage from as early as infancy. There have been proven benefits of massage for infants. These benefits are improved mother-infant interaction; sleep and relaxation; and reduced crying (Beider, S., Mahrer, N. E., & Gold, J. I. (2007).

Grace enjoys working with infants and helping infant caregivers be able to facilitate massage also. Grace will work with preemies or infants that have birth related injuries/traumas. She also works with both mothers and their infants regarding breastfeeding issues and can offer massage techniques that help resolve a tight latch, inability to latch, and lip/jaw alignment issues.

According to Beider, et. al. (2007), there are a number of reasons why pediatric massage may benefit a child. First, state anxiety can be significantly reduced with just one massage. Trait anxiety, muscle tone, and arthritis pain can be greatly improved with multiple massages. Massage also is significantly effective for chronic, non-malignant pain such as low back pain, shoulder and headache pain, along with fibromyalgia, mixed chronic pain conditions, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. There is also research suggesting that massage can have promising effects on decreasing depression, negative mood, disruptive behavioral problems, and can increase air flow in those with pulmonary disorders.

Grace is comfortable working with children who have a large variety of special needs, levels, and abilities. She likes to work in conjunction with other care providers to figure out how to be an integral part of the care team. Grace does not expect kids to sit still or lie down on a table and works with them accordingly. She is very flexible and allows them to bring toys to play with and will massage children while they color or play. She uses a variety of deep tissue and osteopathic techniques and all tools and devices that she uses with adults are available to be used with teens also. Some of the specific issues, which Grace has seen children face and which she has helped with massage include: spastic muscles, multiple sclerosis, autism, muscular dystrophy, chronic ear infections, eating disorders, and mental and emotional issues.