Goals for the fall

Goals. Everyone has them. With summer winding down and things speeding up around the valley I have decided to revisit mine.  Planning goals is something that I used to do with a great deal of enthusiasm at first and then it would dwindle out. In order to prevent this I try and apply the SMART system to my goals. Each goal is specific, measurable, attainable and reasonable and time bound. I also consider each goal a commitment to myself--- like YODA says there is no try. Just  do it. -- pro tip this is also how I regularly get all my dishes and laundry done. That doesn't mean I have failed if I don't meet these goals, it just means that instead of forgetting to follow through or slacking off, I need to revisit them and make an active choice to do something else or change the plan.

An example of this is my current running goal, which is to get my one mile run under 8 minutes and run a 5k without stoping by early Nov. This goal should be possible thanks to the fancy new pacemaker in my chest. I will achieve this by running 3 days a week when I wake up. Starting with 1.5 miles and adding distance as I am able to complete each route without stoping. I will run Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. I will test my 1 mile run on the 1st of every month and expect to see 8 minutes by Oct 1st. I signed up for a 5k Nov. 12th-- in 68 days  which I plan to run unbroken.

Other goals include following a family meal plan and eating dinner together 5 out of 7 days a week, getting at least one massage a month, sharing essential oils with at last 5 new people each month, publishing another article and home schooling my 6 year old without going crazy. Ok that last one maybe not so measurable. 

I also created some reminders for myself. I am using the Oola oils. Field, Fitness, and Family as reminders of goals in these areas.  I won some charms at a networking event and chose 3 that represent my fall goals. I plan on wearing them daily. I also have people with whom I check in regularly for each of these goals. 

Charms. representing school for myself and my kid,. My job and writing.

What are your goals?  What systems, reminders and methods of accountability do you have? Feel free to share your goals with me in person or in the comments below. I am genuinely interested in them and am happy to be someone you "check in" with for your goals--another benefit of regular massage.