Posture Taping



Most people are aware that poor posture can contribute to headaches and back and neck pain. They are also aware that posture also affects how one feels. Standing up straight improves mood and energy levels. Improved posture can even improve athletic performance. But many individuals struggle to correct their posture because as we get busy throughout the day we forget and end up falling back into the poor patterns we have developed. This is where posture taping comes in.


Taping can be an excellent option for those working towards new improved posture. Posture taping is just what it sounds like -- soft tape is placed on the back and shoulders. The tape is used to improve one’s posture. This simple process assists in improving posture by laying tape along the back in a pattern that creates a pull when the taped person rolls their shoulders or hunches forward. This proprioceptive feedback acts as a gentle reminder to stand or sit up straight. Without really having to think about it, the tape tells the body to stand back into an ideal posture.


In order for taping to be effective, one must also be working in other areas to improve their posture. Some examples of this would be stretching, exercises, massage, ergonomic changes at work, and working with a physical therapist. Orthopedic doctors and chiropractors can also play an important role for those with clinically significant issues.


At AZ Family Massage, posture taping is offered as well as massage, recommendations for stretching at home, and appropriate referrals.