Passion found.


My work feels meditative and invigorating. I never feel drained by it.  I frequently am asked if my hands hurt after massage or how many I can do in a day or how tiring and hard on my body this work is. My answer to this question is that I can easily do 8-9 hours of massage in a day and I do not hurt after. I move my body with awareness in a way that I feel  better after giving a massage as if I just did an easy yoga session. 


They say when you have found your passion time stands still, it feels effortless, and you find yourself able to serve endlessly. I can say I have found that in bodywork. The joy I receive from my work is an incredible gift. I know not everyone is lucky enough to find a job where they are skilled, happy and receive positive feedback on a regular basis. 


Finding your passion makes showing up for work easier, and makes life and family better.  Have you found yours? If not, how are you making steps to do so?